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ATLAS Media Group Ltd. Status Page

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French Location - Core Server Patching

Complete - Monitoring suggests all services are restored. If you are experiencing issues please raise a ticket with support.

August 14th 2021 - 15:38 Europe / London

Monitoring - The French Region servers have now restarted and updates have been applied. We are now monitoring to ensure all services are fully restored.

August 14th 2021 - 15:26 Europe / London

In Progress - The French Region servers are now re-starting. Updates to follow.

August 14th 2021 - 15:09 Europe / London

In Progress - We are now shutting down the TF Gamemode and will be performing the restart of the network very shortly.

August 14th 2021 - 15:00 Europe / London

Scheduled - We will be performing routine patching to our core infrastructure, which will require a re-start of all customer facing VPS’s within the region. We expect the overarching outage to take up to an hour to complete, with client services being restored at different times.

For the TotalFreedom servers we expect partial service to be restored towards the end of the hours maintenance, with full service restored after that.

July 17, 2021 - 15:00 Europe/London

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