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TF Forums Intermittent Fault

18th Sept 23:12 Europe / London: Support believe the service is now stable and we are closing this incident as a result.

18th Sept 15:27 Europe / London: Support have performed a full upgrade of the Flarum software to bring it up to date and to the latest version in the hopes it will force the re-generation of some of the service files which appear to be missing or otherwise corrupted. So far this appears to have restored service, however support are continuing to monitor the situation closely.

14th Sept 21:17 Europe / London: The fault has re-surfaced and continues to be intermittent. It appears that it will crash mid-way through your session and be visibly broken on a hard reload of the webpage. Support will continue to troubleshoot the fault.

14th Sept 21:15 Europe / London: After making some configuration tweaks to the way the forums are cached and a reboot of the server we appear to have some level of stability back, support will continue to monitor the situation.

14th Sept 20:56 Europe / London: Support are investigating intermittent faults on the TotalFreedom Forums resulting in a lack of content being returned to users. Updates to follow.

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