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ATLAS Media Group Ltd. Status Page

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TF Network Updates

25 Sept 2021 14:02 Europe / London:

Maintenance has now been completed. Thank you for your understanding.

25 Sept 2021 13:48 Europe / London:

The bungee has now been opened up from maintenance mode. Freedom-01, Hub-03 and Events-01 are all now up and running. The MB Project Server and development servers will be updated now.

25 Sept 2021 13:30 Europe / London:

Due to some significant additional and un-expected complexities with the events server the maintenance window is currently over-running. We will be bringing the core bungee, hub and events server back online shortly with the Freedom gamemode to follow shortly after, and supporting servers such as our development server and Master Builder servers to come online after that. We hope all maintenance will be completed by 14:00 Europe / London.

18 Sept 2021 23:14 Europe / London:

We will be performing updates to the network bungee configuration for some of our core bungee wide plugins. During this time the network will be temporarily unavailable.

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